The Lifelong Risks of Untreated ADHD

ADHD is by far and large one of the most debilitating conditions to live with more so where it is left untreated. There are a number of risks that leaving this condition untreated comes with and some of these are such as to touch on the individual’s academic, social and emotional problems more so in childhood stages of life. These problems may follow one into their adult life where there will be problems with job performance, marital and family relationships, mental health and not to mention safety on the roads. As for the kids with this condition and such happen to be left untreated, they will often tend to self medicate where they will make attempts at this with substance and alcohol. Visit

To help a child who suffers from ADHD, you need to be as effective as parents as those with such effective parenting have been seen to fare better. Added to this, there should be in place a procedure or process for proper diagnosis and this should be supported with a comprehensive program of psychological, behavioral, educational and pharmacological interventions to follow. But it should be noted that even when it is treated, ADHD will have an impact on an individual’s life, all the way from childhood through to adulthood.

Like has already been mentioned, when ADHD is left untreated, this will have a negative impact on the individual’s life. This will be felt and will be evident on every area of the affected person’s life. By the way, research and studies have shown the fact that untreated ADHD is one of the most impairing and disturbing conditions to live with. Also visit

When it comes to the treatment options for the conditions, many families often struggle with the decision as to whether to medicate or not to medicate. Actually there are a host of treatment options that you may go for looking at this condition and as such knowing which one of the many would be most suitable can be quite challenging. In order to tell of the best approach for the treatment, to medicate or not to, you will be advised to take a risk-benefit analysis. And talking of the need to do such an analysis, it is advisable to look at the bigger picture. In this regard, ask yourself such questions as what risks would be there if you opted not to treat your child instead of looking at the risks that come with the use of some particular kind of medication to reverse this condition. View

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